Coffee With The Grandson

It was coffee and a first adult meet-up with Nick Forte this afternoon. Nick remembers meeting me while in middle school in Prospect.

For years I was the ‘guest celeb’ at Community School for their townwide D.A.R.E. graduation. Paul Vance roped me in back when he was Resident Trooper for Prospect.

Nick’s gone through UCONN and is now a young filmmaker. Good stuff.

He’s leaving for Cali. West Hollywood. Group of friends.

He’s never been west. Shouldn’t that be a little scary?

The world seems conquerable when you’re in your mid-twenties. And, to a certain extent it is, especially while you’re in your mid-twenties.

He’s a creative going where creatives go.

There’s another part of this story.

Nick has an interesting show biz tie-in. His grandfather is Nick Apollo Forte, the obscure singer cast as the lead in Woody Allen’s, “Broadway Danny Rose.”

I met Nick (the elder) in Branford around 25 years ago. He seemed very nice. It was cool to meet him, especially as a fan of the movie.

He was an unlikely movie star, but he was a movie star. Absolutely.

Back to the younger Nick. Imagine, moving cross country sight unseen! He’ll do well. He’s confident.

Did I have any wisdom to impart? Nah. He’ll find his own way.

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  1. Make sure to stop at the Grand Canyon on your way through…. I did when I made the same move in 1996 and it set the tone for living out there. Remember that you will always find real, truthful people….. outside of Los Angeles, like in Pasadena.

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