The Beautiful Pain In The Ass

Every snowstorm is different. Each has its own special features, based on temperature, wind and the like. Today’s is really unusual.

Though the wind whipped as recently as Thursday midday, the last 18 hours has seen a move to nearly calm. The snow has fallen and stayed put, even in the tiniest and most precarious of spots.

This is the kind of accumulation that can bring down trees and power lines. After the past few years is there any dead wood left to thin?

How can something so beautiful be so difficult to deal with?

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9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Pain In The Ass”

  1. I will admit that it is beautiful. Great for snowball fights, building snowmen…but oh so difficult to shovel!!! I am ready to mow the lawn instead of shoveling the driveway!!

  2. I’m happy there’s no drifting snow like last time! But my son was shoveling our walkway and a (big enough) branch fell about a foot away from him and great big PLOPS of snow are falling off everywhere.
    Be Gone Snow!

  3. O’ I had a fun morning… Left here at 4am to try to catch a flight in Boston, only descent flight to South America region. Got there and it cancelled even though I checked and kept checking for updates on my phone! But that’s just half of it! Cars off the road left and right while my big SUV 4X4 kept trucking down the road. I did almost lost it once when passing a bus and the bus kicked up 4 inches of snow from the middle lane and blinded me but I kept my cool and focus on steady gas and looking at the bus to guide me to stay in the lane. That’s when I said to myself what the hell (well F…ing) am I doing out here?! Took me a normal 80 minute drive one way to well over 3 hours each way. What a mess, next time I will not bother but call to change my flights the next day. Home now with a cup of coffee calming the shot nerves.

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