So Much I Can Taste It


Doppler and I were out a little while ago. We have a late night routine.

It’s a shame she doesn’t look up. It is a beautiful night. No Moon. Dark. Clear. Brilliant stars.

I can’t imagine anyone with a telescope not observing tonight.

Chilly too. The ground around my house is still snow covered.

This neighborhood is home to dozens of little streams and brooks. They’re running strong and high right now. I can hear Jepps Brook a few hundred yards away. That’s not the norm.

I crave spring so much I can taste it.

5 thoughts on “So Much I Can Taste It”

  1. I, too, will enjoy spring when it arrives – I love to garden. However, I will also say a sad goodbye to winter. I love the way snow makes everything quiet and peaceful. Beautiful too. My dogs have so much fun. Yes, I will miss watching the snow fall but I will also enjoy watching the flowers push their way up. Daffodils are already showing their roots. Soon the earth will give off that wonderful spring scent.

  2. My outside excursions are the opposite of yours – 5 am – but I also get clear skies, stars and a sense sometimes that Spring is coming!!

  3. I know what you mean. I’m tired of ice, tired of putting on ten layers of clothes to go out and REALLY tired of the electric bills I get for having HEAT on! My cactus plants want to go outside where there’s SUN (except we don’t get much sun on my deck, but I think they’d just be happy to go outside where they aren’t being chewed on by the cats.)And the cats want to start going out again too. Lounging on the deck is so much nicer than being cooped up inside.

  4. I heard the birds singing ‘spring’ songs at work this morning.and the air is getting that ‘Chilly spring’ smell to it.

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