Holy Crap Was I Skinny! Video Found As I Clean

PM Magazine/Buffalo hosts Jan Stager and Geoff Fox - circa 1980

Jan Stager and I hosted PM Magazine/Buffalo starting in September 1980. She was great. We don’t speak often enough, but remain friends.

Jan was from Kent, Ohio and had worked in Wasau and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Me… well, you know.

This episode looks to be early on, possibly Fall 1980. I had been working in TV a matter of weeks or months by then!

I was so skinny the Buffalo Evening News’ TV critic said Chef Tell should fatten me up! Suggestion taken.

Also, please note the hair hat. That is not what my hair wants to do.

Here’s the way the show worked. Sometimes you had local stories, but most of the time the hosts introduced stories ‘on the reel’ from other stations.

We’d look at the list on totally unrelated stories scheduled on any given show, then find a location that might tie-in to some or all of them.


That was the goal.

The connections were often tenuous.

For each story, which of course we hadn’t seen, there’d be a suggested script. We’d look at the script, find out from the producer how much time was allotted, then ad lib our ‘ins-and-outs.’

TelePrompter? We don’t need no stinkin’ TelePrompter!

6 thoughts on “Holy Crap Was I Skinny! Video Found As I Clean”

  1. You are almost unrecognizable solely from the hair, or as you call it, the hair hat. I was pretty young when PM Magazine was on, but I sure remember Chef Tell. Thanks for sharing your blast from the past.

  2. Hi Geoff- we were all skinny 30 years ago. And you are in better shape than most of us in this age bracket- judging from the last time i saw you on TV. Keep up the good work!

  3. OMG! Hardly knew it was you! I remember PM magazine down here, it was the same. Pretty fluffy stuff as I recall. My mom and I used to like watching it but after a while (like a year or two) it got kind of boring.
    Amazing the things you find when you start digging through all that old stuff isn’t it?
    Wonder if I still have that 6 hours of you doing non-stop weather during the blizzard of ’93……..?

  4. Yeah I remember PM Mag. I was young once too. It’s nice to see some of the old shows. Not much on these days of any interest. Thanks for the memories.

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