Doppler In Stealth Mode

We had a bunch of people stop by the house over the last few days. That really messed up Doppler’s schedule.

She says she needs at least 20 hours a day prone. Why argue with success?

Today, with just the three of us around, Doppler became invisible. Consider this catch-up day.

At one point I asked Helaine where Doppler was, though she was in the room with us! She’s that good.



3 thoughts on “Doppler In Stealth Mode”

  1. All that socializing takes its toll. Now that she’s gotten some beauty sleep she will be back to her cute little Doppler self.

  2. Rescues are the best of the best. All the animal lovers thank you and Helaine for that. You have a gem. Maybe some links for pet rescue sites would be welcomed by your fans Geoff.

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