Doppler Didn’t Want To Be Recycled

I’m not sure what was going through Doppler’s mind when we drove to the transfer station, but she did look a little worried!


2 thoughts on “Doppler Didn’t Want To Be Recycled”

  1. You don’t know what happened to her before you got her. Our rescue is still terrified of boxes. We suspect she was thrown into one…

  2. And it’s not uncommon for unwanted animals to be dumped at the dump or some other forsaken location. The old Bradlees/Stop & Shop location on South Frontage in East Haven was a popular dumping ground for animals. When they tore it down to build the Post Office transfer station (later CarMax), they found hundreds of feral animals.

    Did you give her a hug and a treat when you got home? Give her one for me. She’s really too cute.

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