Seriously, How Can This Not Be Winter?

I’m a meteorologist. I know winter is over… officially. Unofficially, enough already! This is getting crazy. We didn’t break 45&#176 at my house. Where is the warmth we crave?

For the doubters, a few photos to make my point.

We begin with the parking lot at the Hamden Plaza Shopping Center. Not only is this pile of snow ten feet tall, it’s filthy! It will see April!



The sunset was lovely, but look at the trees. Not a leaf. Not a bud. No color anywhere. Where are the forsythia when you need them?


3 thoughts on “Seriously, How Can This Not Be Winter?”

  1. On the other hand it’s light later now and the birds are singing their ‘spring’ songs. And I haven’t had to scrape ice off my car in the morning for a couple of weeks at least.
    We’re getting there just not as fast as we want. Mother Nature does things in her own time not ours.

  2. True, but winter 2011-12 was a once in a lifetime event. Sure, the warmth was wonderful…but the lack of snow showed the ugly results last summer. Remember the Mississippi River which nearly wasn’t there?

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