They’re Named What? Silverado, California’s Weird Streets!

Helaine and I will probably move around 40 miles south of Los Angeles in Irvine. Being a curious guy, I’ve spent some time getting to know the region using the Internet.

Last night I looked at maps of the area, trying to decide if the small mountains northeast of the city would be good for photography? That’s when I came across Silverado, California.

Wikipedia says it’s an unincorporated community. No population given. Isolated.

Someone in Silverado has a sense of humor. Check the names of their roads from Google Maps.

silverado  ca   Google Maps

9 thoughts on “They’re Named What? Silverado, California’s Weird Streets!”

  1. While you are out there looking around, check out Palos Verdes. My son is a recent transplant living in the South Bay and on our visits out there, we’ve fallen in love with the Palos Verdes peninsula, south of Hermosa Beach.

  2. Can you imagine giving someone directions ….well first you go Thisaway, and then you go Thataway, Bytheway you are here…..LOL

  3. Take a look at Carefree AZ.

    There you will find Carefree Drive, Tranquil Trail, Happy Hollow Drive, Serene Street, Easy Street, and my favorite, Ho Road & Hum Road which merge together to become Ho Hum Drive.

  4. After 50 years in CT, I too, am in the midst of a relocation to SoCal. Been in San Pedro since January. Equidistant to LAX/LGB for easy travel back home. Happy to hook you up with my uncle who’s been on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for 50 yrs. He can tour you (both food/local history/art @ The Getty) thru LA and its surroundings. You’d actually have alot in common – he’s also a photographer. BTW – check out Laguna Beach – great dog park!

    1. Not sure if I should thank N1QVE or cordially request they scurry off someplace to do illicit things to their self. Having lived in Silverado for almost 2 years, I am tempted to thank N1QVE because their negative comment may help keep some of their less desirable contacts out of here. That said, there are certainly far fewer illegals hiding here than you see on any day standing openly on the streets of any SoCal city. As for the Los Angelenos body dumpers? More likely to find themselves lost and dying in the forest…

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