Now It’s Spring. No, Really.

Helaine just asked if we should open the windows tonight? Yes! Clouds overnight won’t let it fall much below 50&#176 here at the “Maison de Renard.” Showers, should they come, will be beneficial.

Finally it feels like spring. Was today not perfect?

We had low to mid 70&#176s inland with temps around 80&#176 at the shore. The dew point temperature was low. That means comfortable.

It also means highly variable temperatures day-to-night. Without the clouds we’d sleep with closed windows and much chillier temperatures.

Today was a seasonal benchmark day for us too. The flannel sheets have been removed. We’re back to cotton.

Let me say this about flannel sheets. OMG! It’s as if the thermostat was set 10&#176 warmer. Highly recommended.

Here’s where we currently stand. Mother Nature is poised to explode. Within the next week to ten days Connecticut will be blanketed in spring color.

It doesn’t last long. Blossoms will fade. Trees and bushes will revert to green for the summer’s duration.

Take advantage. You have been warned.

4 thoughts on “Now It’s Spring. No, Really.”

  1. Yes today was PERFECT. Maybe a little less windy but I wouldn’t complain if it were like this all year long. I turned the heat off, opened the windows and was able to let the cats out (on leashes) for a while.

  2. Thanks, Mother Nature, guess you’ve been preoccupied elsewhere? Last night I closed the windows at bedtime — tonight they are still open and I’m listening to the peepers — I am wondering, hmmmm……

  3. I think you flipped flopped on those temps. It was more like 70 degrees at the shore and dang the wind was very cold till around 3pm!!! Even with the sun, I had to wear a jacket due to the breezes off Long Island sound.

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