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IMG_6592When I worked on Elm Street I was in New Haven every day. Now my trips have a purpose. Today it was lunch with my friend Josh, formerly a publisher, now a do-gooder for the United Way.

We found a parking spot right in front of Prime-16 where we had lunch (Lamb burger with feta cheese–yum!).

Has New Haven heard I’m leaving? Is it trying to win me back? Parking was much too easy!

IMG_6587If all you know about New Haven is what you’ve heard on TV news, you have a terribly misleading impression. New Haven is loaded with restaurants and culture. It is a classic American city in every sense of the word. The center of New Haven is made for people on foot.

We took a quick walk across the Green. Flags at half staff. Too much of that. My thoughts turned toward Boston.

IMG_6603The trees are still bare, but there are plenty of buds. New Haven will soon be under its summer canopy. Right now there are enough open spots to include Yale in my photos.

There’s a Shake Shack in New Haven now. I need to try that before we leave.

IMG_6611As we walked down Chapel Street, Josh pointed down the alley that leads to Zinc Kitchen. What you see in the photo on the left (click o n the photo for a larger view) is what we saw, but only when you stand in the right spot. Pretty cool!

We’re moving where cities are planned. New Haven grew up more-or-less organically. I like that.

I will miss New Haven. Good memories.

6 thoughts on “Back To New Haven”

  1. New Haven has always had a subtle charm and elegance. My father worked for many years for both Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale University and there were many times we would walk around certain nearby areas and see all of the subtle charm and elegance.

    Savor it, Geoff!

  2. We REALLY need you back on the nightly New Haven news. I won’t say anymore, but honestly, I would LOVE, and feel so comfortable, hearing your weather reports again. I wish all the best for you and your family, Geoff. I miss you on my TV.

  3. For the year and a half I worked in New Haven (as a single girl) I really enjoyed it. Probably because I was single! Walking to various restaurants to have lunch. Happy hour (too often) across the street from work.
    Now many years later the only time I’m there is to take a train to NYC.
    Maybe when the weather is nicer I should take an afternoon to wander around.

  4. Lovely photos of my city. I’ve lived here for most of the last 2 decades and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    Prime16 is my favorite downtown eatery. Their beer selection can’t be beat.

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