Now That The Bomber’s Been Caught

The second Boston Patriots’ Day bomber has been captured. People are standing in the streets of Watertown, MA wildly applauding any and every uniformed officer–and there are plenty. Applause is in order.

Cops and other first responders show bravery and courage well beyond anything I could muster. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here’s what struck me earlier today. Everyone wanted this guy taken alive. Right?

We find these horrific acts impossible to understand. We want to know why? How can evil like this exist?

His death would have cheated us of our only small satisfaction.

After that I don’t care.

11 thoughts on “Now That The Bomber’s Been Caught”

  1. So happy he was taken alive. But, with him being taken away in an an ambulance, I’m hoping that he won’t die on us We need to get answers to many questions, and only HE can supply them.

  2. I, for one am breathing a huge sigh of relief! We were there on Monday, watching our daughter run her 1st marathon. We were a block away, walking toward the finish when the explosions took place. The what ifs haunt me.

    I will never understand the evil. The tragedy has touched me to the core and my thoughts are with those families that will suffer from the destruction left behind for the rest of their lives.

    My daughter was 30 minutes from the finish. We were lucky. We, her family and friends, will go back to Boston in a few weeks, and run or walk that last mile with her. I won’t let these individuals take this away from her. She deserves it and so do those who have supported her in her efforts. And we will remember the people who have lost their lives and those that have been injured.

  3. My bosses girlfriends sister was running in the marathon and her parents were standing RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from where the first bomb went off. Mom made a quick call and said ‘If I don’t see you again, I love you’. Needless to say girlfriend called my boss in hysterics.
    Today he had the news streaming all day on his cell phone on his desk. We all checked in once in a while.
    I’m glad they caught the 2nd one alive. Maybe we can learn a few things from him.
    I was on a news website and one commehnter was complaining about cops and how rotten they were and news of the capture had just come across NECN. I posted a response saying ‘yeah just like those rotten cops in Boston who spent all week tracking down two bombers and arrested one.’ We need MORE ‘rotten cops’ like them.

  4. This is over for us. It’s a lifetime of awful for a lot of people.

    Trivial note: I’ve been away from television (with the exception of CNN’s bad stretch.) Twitter confused me more than it helped me. I think we are missing that crucial step when reporters would write things on their pads before tweeting about it. A moment of reflection, double checking.

  5. I’m also glad he was captured alive. I’m a “but Why” type of person – I want answers! I hope we get them.
    The more frightening part to me is they appeared to lead such normal lives (from what we’ve read/heard).

  6. Do any of you really think this guy will provide any answers? He has no incentive to do so. We’re not allowed in this country to employ the necessary means to extract information the likes of him.

    Now tax dollars will provide for him for the rest of his life in prison or a mental hospital.

    I would have been in favor of a fifty cent solution and sent him off to meet his brother.

  7. They can even provide answers without knowing it. Additionally, like it or not he is apparently a U.S. citizen. Employing the “fifty cent solution” would make no better than those who may have inspired him.

    1. Can’t help but wonder if you and Geoff would feel the same way if it was your son or daughter that he killed or blew the legs off of.

      On top of that he’s a cop killer. I stand by my statement that he should have died from led poisoning in the back of that boat.

      I don’t care what country he’s a citizen of, his actions deserve a .45 slug right where it would do the most good.

      Do you think the Navy Seals were “just as bad” as Osama bin Laden?

      1. It’s attitudes like that that keep the hatred and feuds burning in the Middle East and the Balkans and everywhere else there’s constant conflict. Any eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
        The laws of our land state that people under arrest are to be considered ‘innocent until proven guilty’. We are supposed to be a nation of laws not knee- jerk reactions.
        As for the use of torture, it was back in the Middle Ages that it was PROVEN that people who are being tortured will say ANYTHING (reasonable or not) to make it stop. That does not lead to ‘getting the truth’ out of anyone. As a nation we are bigger and better than that.

        1. Thank you, 793tango. I am not sorry that BinLaden is no longer on the face of the earth, but would have preferred we had been able to capture him. I see no point in helping those who wish to terrorize us become martyrs. And by the way, Tom, the phrase you put in quotes in your response to me is yours not mine. I did not use those words.

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