I Need Spring Like Crazy

Doppler just went out for her last walk of the night. She’s cute.

Normally, when she’s ready to go outside she’ll climb onto my lap and lick my face. Not this time of day.

We laze on separate sofas, both prone and with Afghans. For a few minutes she’ll stare at me. Then she’ll bark

It’s her signal, the weakest, quietest bark possible. Actually, it’s more dog grunt than bark. It’s Doppler’s equivalent of clearing her throat.

I got her leash and a flashlight. We went out in the chill. Where the hell is spring?

Bridgeport was 10&#176 below average today. Bradley was 18&#176 below! Much of the state never saw 50&#176.

We really need spring after this crazy winter. Bridgeport had over twice as much snow as usual. At Bradley it was around 40% over norm. Here on Mt. Carmel we had over a month of continuous snowcover.

It seemed endless.

Wednesday will be closer to the weather we’re used to in late April. Over the weekend 70&#176 is possible.

Right now I need spring like crazy and I’m not embarrassed to say it!

5 thoughts on “I Need Spring Like Crazy”

  1. Bet Southern California is looking pretty good right now….but when you start missing the changing seasons, come on back to CT!

  2. Over a month of snow cover??!! Oh my. I’ve lived here all my life and when I was a kid, we had continuous snow cover from early December until March! We had a ball sledding, skating, building snow forts, etc. Don’t remember how the adults felt about it. That said, I’m looking forward to 70 degree weather – time to garden!

  3. I thought it was pretty insane yesterday AFTERNOON to be out walking my dog with my winter jacket on! A light one, but still a winter jacket!
    And the wind was blowing so hard!
    We’re going to smack straight into 100 degree weather from here aren’t we?

  4. Stop complaining, your about to move to the sunny state of CA where you will hardly notice a difference in the seasons! I would think that thought alone would carry you through this chilly spring! If we hear you complain about the cold winter out there after your blood thins, we will block your website from CT !

    Man up Geoff 🙂
    PS – Don’t forget, no need to pack your snow shovel !

  5. Yesterday was miserable. Today made up for it in a big way. I’d just like a little more consistency rather than this back and forth stuff.

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