We Were Talking About People

Helaine and I were talking tonight. We were talking about people. Which people? Doesn’t matter.

“Everybody’s screwed up in some way,” I said, though not actually using the word, “screwed.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Helaine replied.

This is the big adult discovery. We’re all screwed up in some way. No one is always right. No one is perfect. We need to accept that.

All the crazy people aren’t in someone else’s family. They’re in all our families. And people look at us and talk just as we talk about them.

Once you get beyond this, the rest of life is easier.

9 thoughts on “We Were Talking About People”

  1. Ah, Geoff…screwy people make it so much more interesting. One thing I learned today as I turned 60 is, we can’t take life seriously… It’s just not that serious!!!! 😀

    1. Trust me–my qualifications are legion. I’m a professional computer nerd, Ham radio operator, amateur woodworker, plumber, and home improvement madman. I have almost as many tools as Norm Abrams…

      Even my daughter will verify that her daddy is “the world’s oldest nerd”

      Of course, the moment anything even remotely technical goes bonkers around the house, you know who gets the frantic call…

  2. That’s about the size of it.
    I remember a customer at work telling me ‘We know we’re screwing up our daughter, we just hope we don’t do it too badly and she won’t hate us for it.’

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