When You Grow Up In Apartment 5E

When you grow up in Apartment 5E with a view of parking lots (and the distant Throgs Neck Bridge) you miss a lot. My joke, told often: Until I was 21 I had never seen grass that wasn’t in a baggie.

Call me nature challenged!

Now I live in the woods. I am the guardian of dozens of trees and more traditional grass.

This time of year I look up a lot. With flowering bushes and lots of color it’s easy to miss what’s going on in the trees. Leaves are beginning to come out for the season.

Please tell me I wasn’t the only kid who never looked? I missed so much. I’m glad I look now, because the show is amazing.

The first signs showed in March. Little nubs appeared on tree limbs. Now it’s obvious they’re leaves, but they’re still tiny and often curled tight for their own protection.

Like I said, I look up a lot. I never tire of this show.




5 thoughts on “When You Grow Up In Apartment 5E”

  1. I love the pastel shades of the spring trees! Some have a hint of orange, others yellow, and lots of yellow/green! 🙂

  2. I love the forsythia and the lilac. Both are done blooming way too soon. Nad I love hearing the ‘peepers’. Haven’t heard them yet this year.
    At the church across the street there’s a pair of red tulips coming up in a patch of purple flowers. If I get a chance soon I;ll get a picture. They’re so brilliantly out of place.

  3. I love to watch the trees bloom! When I drove my father around a few years back he commented on how you could see the trees ready to bloom because they were all red (where the buds were). I always think of him when I see that now!

    Driving through Wallingford one day there will be nothing and the next day the trees are filled with blossoms.

  4. I enjoy the colors of the trees now more than the fall. The range of colors are more beautiful. I said that to someone at work once and they looked at me like I had two heads – they had never noticed.

    I think this spring of 2013 is more amazing than usual. The flowers, shrubs and trees are responding with a lot of color to the long slow warming this year.

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