My Little Dog Is A Little Hoarse


Doppler leads the good life. Her biggest daily decision is stay asleep or roll on her back for a belly rub? She barks sparingly.

That probably hasn’t been the case the past few days. After spending time couchsurfing with Bentley at Steve and Cheryl’s, Doppler moved on to sleepover camp. Camp features daily (and probably nightly) concerts with all the pups.

Doppler came home hoarse! This is a new one for me. Helaine caught on first when we got her around 7:00 AM. I heard it distinctly this afternoon as Doppler announced a neighbor at our door.

“Do you think she wants a lozenge,” Helaine asked this evening?

A few days rest and Doppler will be good as new. She’s working on that right now.

2 thoughts on “My Little Dog Is A Little Hoarse”

  1. You’re lucky that Doppler isn’t like little children in school….much to their parent’s dismay, they often bring their new found “talents” home! Just wait until Doppler’s hoarseness goes away!!! 🙂

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