The Rural Side Of Town

We had to leave so the house could be shown today. Helaine and I are getting very good at this! Another day at Ikea wasn’t needed, so Helaine and Doppler took a ride with me to shoot some photos.

There is no place like Connecticut. Incredibly beautiful. We will miss that a lot.

It’s tough not to notice the speed at which we transition from bare trees to fully leaved. That’s obvious in today’s shots. Three weeks ago there were few leaves open. Today, many tree lined roads are covered with a green canopy.

These photos were taken on River Road and Tuttle Avenue in Hamden, just at the edge of Sleeping Giant State Park. That part of town is really rural.





4 thoughts on “The Rural Side Of Town”

  1. New England is truly “God’s Country” when it comes to beauty… Nothing beats it — all four seasons…

  2. I’m always amazed by the speed that the leaves appear. One day nothing – the next day there’s a canopy as I drive down the street.
    I don’t know which season I like best – whatever one we’re in is my favorite. I definitely missed the seasons when we lived in California.

  3. You will always miss the seasons. I can’t imagine living any where else. (even in the dead of winter, when I’m complaining)

  4. I’ve always said I love living in Connecticut but I wouldn’t want to vacation here. The more I travel, the more I know New England is home for me.

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