Doppler Notes: Do I Taste Like Liver?

Once in a while, for reasons beyond my ability to explain, Doppler will start licking my arm. Fresh out of the shower or after working up a sweat, it makes no diff. She is driven.

Take a look for yourself!

9 thoughts on “Doppler Notes: Do I Taste Like Liver?”

  1. I have a cat who does something similar. She wants to drink out of the bathtub but ONLY when I’m IN it!
    No idea why.
    I’ve had cats obsesed with clothes that I wore too. But this one takes the cake.

  2. Our cat will do the same thing. I just saw recently on animal planet. That cats do that so the whole pack/family smells the same. It is a way to recognize each other as family.

  3. I have one dog who loves to lick me, my knees, my arms, especially my palms. All three of my critters (2 dogs, 1 cat) lick any scars I have. I think they are trying to “fix” me.

  4. Its grooming behavior.

    Dogs (and wolves in particular) will do that to other members of their pack to confirm relationships.

    I have a pair of Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix litter mates that do this to each other at regular intervals. They also do the same thing to me–and are rather obsessed with it once they start. The other dogs in our pack of four will occasionally do the same thing to each other and their humans as well.

    Its a gesture of respect, basically.

  5. It is grooming behavior, but with rescued dogs, it’s also a form of perseverating behavior. It relaxes them and makes them feel safe to do this. We have had many rescues, several at a time, and now have 4 Pugs and a Silky Terrier, all rescues. Two that come from the Bebee Humane Society, in Bebee, Arkansas, do this. One, in particular, was clearly taken from her mother at a too young age, so she also suckles at the back side of the knee (whatever that is called). It can be redirected if it bothers you, but basically it’s easy to live with and makes them feel happy.

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