Tonight’s Epiphany

We’re wrapping up in Hamden. Our home network will be the last thing down. We need to be online to the very end.

Things from the house promised to others are going out. That brought me in contact with online shipping. Until now I’d gone to the post office or one of the other carriers.

It doesn’t matter which one I used. I came to an epiphany tonight. When you do the postage at home there’s a little more leeway than at the post office.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Weights and measurements for shipping are like the speed limit. It says 65, but you can probably get away with 72… maybe faster.

I realized this too late to be a rogue. It’s wisdom passed along.

The other thing clarified, every package has a different price. It’s as if I was at the wrong end of a random number generator. I’m sure there’s sense to the rates, but not that real humans can understand. Complex.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Epiphany”

  1. not true !! i do ebay and have had packages returned for being several ounces to several lbs come back asking for extra postage . i also had packages brought back to me for being an inch or two too big which put them into an oversized package . i believe the sort center weighs and measures each box automatically like the self check out scanners do at the supermarket . be glad you didn’t go that route . the worst thing would have been to have the packages returned to you at the hamden address when you already left . hope everything goes well and good luck in cali !!

  2. Geoff, That’s not been my experience at all; I sell on ebay as well. I believe one one the requirements is that you personally hand off your package to a postal employee (you can’t just drop in a box and run) and they always weigh it before scanning/accepting it into their system. If it weighs more than you paid for – they charge you the additional postage right there and put a “supplemental” stamp on it next to your pre-paid one. The only exception I can think of would be when you get home pickup service (I think that’s for Priority Mail only though) — I doubt the guy in the truck has a scale but they may still weigh it at his home base. Good luck!

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