CT TO CA — Day One

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By 4:00 PM the movers had gone, Helaine and I (mostly Helaine) had straightened up. It was time to go.

Emotional? Of course. How can you leave a house of 23 years without a few tears? It’s a great house. It’s full of memories.

And then there’s the whole leaving Connecticut thing. 28 years a Nutmegger. That’s emotional too.

“I’ve never seen traffic like this,” Helaine said that before we’d left Hamden! Probably a product of the thunderstorms and rain showers we’d experience for the next four hours.

It was a slow go across Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. We were both surprised how far from New York City we had stop-and-go traffic from homebound commuters.

The traffic thinned as we approached the northwestern corner of New Jersey. It’s hilly and rural. That’s not what you expect in New Jersey!

We pulled into a rest area and fired up my laptop. Another hour and a half seemed easily accomplished, so I made reservations in Danville, PA.

The goal was Pennsylvania. Mission accomplished.

We’re 238 miles into our journey–less than 10% of the way to SoCal. Tomorrow should produce a lot more miles with a lot more hours behind the wheel.

18 thoughts on “CT TO CA — Day One”

  1. Wow… Born and raised in CT I am. Long story but most all of my family migrated to the area you find yourself in now. Catawissa/Danville/Longhorn all along I80. Many, many trips over the years 84 to 81 to 80. Did you see the billboards for Knoebels? It’s a family run amusement park in Elysburg. Ah well, here’s wishing you both a safe trip on your migration west. You will be missed. Ill be watching err reading of your progress.


  2. Watching and waiting for your updates…have made the trip from CT to PA(Reading, as in Monopoly….Railroad)for 30+ years…lots of miles and traffic…just did the reverse on Monday …visiting post move to Florida…siblings still in PA…Grandkids in CT….Go to sleep now…safe trip…

  3. The details of moving keep you extremely busy and it isn’t until you walk out that door for the last time that the emotion well up and overtake you. The house held memories while you and your family lived there, as soon as you left you took the memories with you. Your new house in Ca. looks beautiful and I’m sure there will be many memories within the walls in a short time. Ct. will always be a part of you and your family but it was time for you to begin a new phase of your life. The residents of CT., like myself, have got to know you over your career and you hold a special place in thousands of hearts. You are a rich man, indeed. God Bless, Maureen

  4. I’m sorry I never had the opportunity to meet you…but in my opinion, Connecticut is the poorer tonight for your departure. The weather reports will never live up to your legacy. I guess, sadly, it is now time to go to sleep…yet…
    Godspeed…and best wishes to you and yours. You will be missed.

  5. Wow – it’s hard to believe it’s really happening (I bet you’re thinking the same thing!)!
    Safe travels and I look forward to your trip reports.

  6. I’m reliving our journey we did from CT to AZ exactly 10 yrs ago this month living in CT all my 40 plus years. I still feel all the same emotions you two must be sharing. I, though, still have family in CT which brings me back several times a year.
    When you look back you will wonder how in the heck you got thru the move etc. but you did.
    Best wishes in you new local – it will be so different than CT that’s for sure and happy new memories in your new home.

    1. The circles might be where his GPS took a “fix” on his position.
      Only problem with that is, it shows a start in Wallingford, which is north of Hamden. Good question.

  7. I was on the road when the showers were going through. Stopped at a dealership and they had the news on their TV. Saw this HUGE echo of heavy rain over Hamden. Thought of you and said ‘Hope Geoff is on the road by now.’.

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