It’s Weird To Be Without TV


We shut down in Connecticut piece-by-piece. We are setting up in California piece-by-piece. Our house is in a strange incomplete state. This is moving purgatory.

I’m sitting in the “Great Room.” It’s small as ‘great’ goes, but there’s a nice flow between it and the eat-in kitchen.

It is partially furnished. A sofa and two chairs arrived this afternoon. The walls are empty. A rug is on the way. We’re still deciding on a table. Cabinets are due. Both windows to the outside have temporary paper shades.

The four windows that face the California room look at dirt. That area also in the planning stage.

Our kitchen table and chairs are in, but we have no dishes nor silverware. They’re coming from Connecticut.

Upstairs, our master bedroom set is set up. The mattress is a few weeks away. Oops. We’ll stay in the guest bedroom a while longer.

As I look ahead over the not quite realistic gas fireplace, there is a blank space where a TV should go. Well, not exactly blank. There are outlets which will be hidden, but are now front-and-center. Our TVs are heading here from Connecticut.

I love TV. I missing having hundreds of channels to graze through. Even when there’s nothing on, finding out there’s nothing can be entertaining!

It’s weird to be without TV. TV has been my constant companion since birth. I really craved it today when news of the Asiana Airlines 777 crash broke.

I first saw it on Twitter, then went to SFGate and KPIX. Zilch! Neither TV nor newspapers are well staffed midday Saturday.

I craved CNN. They stream live, but since I’m in “No Man’s Land” between Comcast and Uverse. no stream for me! I ended up watching live coverage on Al Jazeera English over my cellphone.

I’m hoping to get Uverse connected this week. I still won’t have a TV set.

Piece-by-piece. It takes time.

11 thoughts on “It’s Weird To Be Without TV”

  1. Have you sold your CT home yet. How much stuff did you take from CT. Please post pictures of CA home

  2. We’ve had AT&T Uverse for 5 years and love it. We switched to Comcast last year for 2 days and then went back to AT&T. They have better customer service and their DVR is easier to use.

    1. Glad YOU like Uverse. I haven’t heard anything good about it here and my own experience with AT&T customer service is abysmal. Every time I called them to try and straighten out my bill they kept trying to sell me things I didn’t want. Finally got rid of them for Comcast. Lesser of two evils.
      I’ll NEVER go back to AT&T.

  3. The most intelligent/reasonable discussion of the crash has been on

    Seriously, CNN – trying to tell us that the plane cartwheeled when both wings were essentially intact? Yeah, right.

  4. When we built our house 12 years ago we were the second family
    moved into the development we had no cable or Internet for 4
    months , we couldn’t do the dish too many trees. When the cable
    guy finally came you would of thought he was bringing me the lottery
    I could of made it without tv before I had kids but my 4 year old and
    6 year old needed a little tv. So happy your getting settled . We also lived in
    a hotel for line 4 months when our other house sold and the new house
    was not ready.

  5. Lived without TV phone or internet for 3 weeks last year when I moved. I survived. Went to the library for my email and news. Weird but workable.

  6. I am thinking about “poor” Doppler—with no familiar scents except for the car whe travelled in, and her family’s clothing. Now a new house with strange smelling furniture! No wonder she looks bewildered, lying on the new chair. Her world disappeared “overnight”! But I am sure you have some toys and things that she is familiar with. Right now, she probably can’t tell the hotel and the house apart, and is wondering when she will be moved again!
    Hope everything gets there soon, so you and Helene can re=establish “normalcy.

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