What Kind Of Sex Toy Is This?

The text message I got this morning was a little cryptic: “Morning meeting crew eta 0900.” It was from Mike Hughes, our mover. Helaine found Mike’s “Working Robots” through Angie’s List.

IMAG0101-w1200-h1200It’s a out of the norm to use a local guy to move you cross country, but it was obvious as we packed, Mike was the right choice. We followed his solo journey from Connecticut via Facebook.

He took all the scary curves we took with Helaine’s SUV. It had to be scarier for him up in the cab.

At 9:00 AM Mike’s truck rolled up with my little car following on a short trailer. He brought muscle in the form of two guys supplied by a local OC mover.

IMAG0103-w1200-h1200Box-by-box they moved everything off the truck and into the house or garage. With each box a number was called and Stef checked it off the manifest.

Mike and the guys worked hard and fast. In two hours they were done! There were a couple of small scratches as might be expected, but everything is accounted for and we’re happy.

The final price was at the very low end of Mike’s original estimate. He said that made him happy. It certainly made us happy.

Over the past few days our house had begun looking like a home. Alas, we’re loaded with boxes and clutter again.

IMAG0108-w1200-h1200This is where Stef comes in. I’m not sure how she got this skillset, but she took charge of the unpacking… and discarding.

As much as we threw away before leaving Connecticut, it’s obvious we didn’t toss enough.

“What kind of sex toy is this,” she’d ask while holding up some kitchen implement which should have been tossed in Connecticut, but wasn’t.

We are not at the hoarder level, but there’s been plenty of accumulation over the decades. Doing without for four weeks has shown us many possessions are expendable.

As a team, Stef and Helaine emptied boxes and organized the kitchen. My guess is the kitchen will be the most difficult room in the house. It’s full of one-of-a-kind stuff, each of which should be stored with similar items.

My job was breaking down boxes and occasionally carrying items to the garage. I had it easy.

It’s tough for Helaine to part with stuff, but when you’ve got four or five of something, decisions must be made. “What kind of sex toy is this,” and away it goes!

Roxie and Doppler looked on through it all. There has been no growling for days. They have learned to share the space. Sure, Doppler wants all our attention, but she hasn’t done anything bad to make that point.

This is more than a one day job. Unpacking will continue on Monday. And we’ll be joined by a guy coming to hang ceiling fans and perform other minor miracles.

We’re moving right along.

11 thoughts on “What Kind Of Sex Toy Is This?”

  1. Hi Geoff, the full size version of your uploaded pictures are showing up upside down (in your latest two posts). Not sure why, but I thought I’d let you know!

  2. Geoff, you know that you did a good job raising your children when, they are always there for you and appreciate all that you’ve done for them. I know my
    three children are always ready to lend a helping hand. so glad, that you’re close to your daughter now. But, still missed here in Ct.

  3. Last year we moved (downsized) after 27 years….I thought I’d gotten rid of everything possible, but I’m still discarding things. It actually feels great to simplify!!!

  4. Know how you’re feeling. Moved back to CT from FL in 2005 and even after a huge tag sale down there, still threw out a lot of stuff when I unpacked.

  5. Must be nice to have your daughter so close now!!! Feeling a little boxed in? LOL….sorry just had to !

  6. When I moved I always found stuff I didn’t realy need. When I cleaned out my storage unit last summer I found boxes of things that could have been tossed but somehow I thought I should keep.

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