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Cat s Meow ™   Official TV SiteHave you seen ads for “Cat’s Meow?” It’s an advertised on TV product and everything that implies. As best I can tell it simulates a mouse running under a cloth. In the commercial a cat feverishly chases the mouse, never quite coming in for the kill.

This is Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football, right?

I am not a cat guy. I’ll admit it. Why would cat owners want to frustrate and drive their cats crazy?

What am I missing here?

10 thoughts on “Cat’s Meow”

  1. I have a toy that is similar with a different name, the older cats can catch the thing under the cover, they know what to do, it’s a lot of fun for kittens for a short time but they learn how to catch the toy also after a little while.
    I have gone thru numerous batteries after the cats learned how to turn it on, on their own!

  2. For not being a cat guy, you’re right on the money. If the cat can never catch the “mouse” it would be frustrated. From what I’ve studied; cats can handle this frustration better than dogs and will eventually give up and walk away. Dogs do not handle this frustration as well and that’s why its recommended to never play the “red lazer” game with dogs.

  3. Domesticated cats NEED this kind of play. Their natural instinct is to hunt, eat, then sleep. If you do not get this kind of release you can end up with an unhappy feline. Personally I feel you don’t need to spend a fortune on stuff like this, but what ever works.

  4. I have spent money on cat toys in the past… only to find that they find more fascination with a bottle cap or one of those plastic rings that you pull off a milk carton lol.

  5. Kym…you are so right on. I moved the fridge the other day and found around 40 of those milk tabs. Meanwhile…motorized toys sitting shunned in a corned. The other day a moth got in the house. Ahh!!! live prey… they were in their glory.

  6. I purchased this item for my cats……They broke it within 2 days! They would pounce on top of it and then just lay by the side of it and just watched the little mouse thing go round and round and looking bored.

  7. it depends on the cat. The smart ones DO catch the “mouse”. Trouble is, they end up shorting out the motor because the motor is running while the cat is holding down the newly caught “mouse”. It is really for lazy cat owners, who want their cat to play but not to play WITH them. The thing to do with this is, let them chase the “mouse” for 5-10 minutes. It will fascinate them. But then… toss a regular catnip mouse on top of the fabric after a few minutes, one they CAN catch. Because you are right, a cat needs to be able to CATCH the prey they are hunting down. Not giving them a toy they can catch and destroy after chasing it for 5 minutes would be like throwing the ball to Doppler but not letting her ever catch it and bring it back to you. HER joy is in catching and bringing it back to you. My cat’s joy in “chase the mousie” is in actually catching and killing it!

    It’s actually a lot more fun for me and my cat if I tie a mousie to a long piece of string and hide it under a towel or pillowcase. The movement is less predictable, she pounces like mad, roots around under the towel… I can pull the thing away from her and make her chase it… then after a few teases, I let her have it. She “kills” it and presents her newly killed prey to me as an offering. It’s good bonding time (like fetch with Doppler).

  8. I got sucked in and bought this item. My cats LOVE it. They can catch it and it doesn’t short out the motor because of the mechanism in it that allows the thing to turn on the inside when it is caught. I have 2 1.5 year old cats who go crazy… and so does my lazy 15 year old cat! It was a lot of money, but I think it is worth every penny for when I am NOT playing with my three cats!

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