Flying East To Florida


My trips to LAX have always been to return home. Today’s it’s the first leg of a long trip across the country. It will be after midnight when I arrive at my folks place in Florida.

I drove up the 405, past John Wayne Airport which is much more convenient and much more expensive. There was some traffic, but overall not too bad.

Helaine suggested I make reservations to park. Smart move. The sign at The Parking Spot said they were full. I drove to the roof. They weren’t kidding.

What to do? I called and was told to drive downstairs. I’ll get the self park rate for valet.


LAX : nuts. It always is.

No bag to check. I’m told that saved me around a half hour.

Security check in some weird place up stairs and off to the side. Never been there before.

Bought a sandwich, bottle of water and pretzels. Headed to Gate 13.

As is the Southwest custom this one flight number is actually a long series of flights: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Denver and Fort Lauderdale. There are crew changes along the way. Only the plane, a newish 737-800, goes all the way.

We boarded on time, but left 40 minutes late. I suspect we’ll make up that time before I deplane in Florida.

We departed 24L, then a sweeping turn to the east. I recognized the Cajon Pass and I-15 toward Vegas. I’m over the Colorado River now.

Not much to do. I’ll try and sleep once we leave Denver.

8 thoughts on “Flying East To Florida”

  1. For future trips East you might try Burbank Airport. It is small, but big enough. Southwest flys there. My family and I went in and out of there on our trip to CA this summer. There was no waiting on either end for baggage, a car, or security. I hope all is a good as it can be in FL for you and your family.

  2. Travel safely. Thinking good thoughts for your family. These are tough situations to deal with, and I hope you have the best possible outcome.

  3. I wondered how your flights “south” would be now…..any other airport options? Where is your layover? just Denver? not to bad if that is the case….

  4. Best of thoughts with you during this tough time in your life. I’ve been there with both parents. One with failing heart and my mom with Alzheimer. We had them both in the hospital at the same time once. Their both gone now but, the memories of that time still come back. Best of luck Geoff to you and your family.

  5. Watch out how you talk about us “older” nurses! Yes, you are right—hospitals have changed–and it is not for the better. There was just a TroubleShooter report on Ch 4 a couple of eve’s ago about a gentleman in the hospital for a week—but NEVER ADMITTED—-and therein lies the crux. He was sent for Rebab, but they later learned that Medicare would not pay for it, Because he did not have the 3 day Hospital Admission (Even though he was there for 5 days and in a special unit (not the ER holding rooms). This is all because (apparently) of the new Medicare laws. Also, if a person is discharged from a hospital and needs readmission in 3 weeks or less—the hospital will not be paid for the readmission—they are told to fix the problem the first time! It is real scary out there, and yes, I am a nurse and work in Home Care VNA–our unit has been a part of the bor. of Naugatuck for over 90 years, and this year, upon reccommendation of an outside study done over the past 6 mos., and cost the town Thousands of dollars—-we are being privatized (they are interviewing megalarge units to come in and take us over–sort of like Walmart taking over a professional practice). Pensions are on the line, as is continuing health care . Anyhow,it is good that you and your sister are there to work all of this out and to let people know that your folks are loved and cared about. The other problem is we no longer have our private doctors coming in to the hospital and following up on our care—they can only suggest—it is the Hospitalists–doctors hired specifically by hospital, who manage a person’s care—and if they don’t know the history of that person—“well–That’s Life”. I have been nursing for 57 years, and I am petrified of developing a problem and needing hospitalization.
    Sorry about the Soap Box narration—but what you described is what we are going to be getting—under the new Medicare Guidelines. So, gather up all the info you can get, and stay in contact with all aspects—even from a long distance.

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