We Went To Dog Beach


Lot of things are different here in California. That includes a beach where dogs are welcome off leash. Dog Beach is in Huntington Beach, aka Surf City. Helaine, Stef, Roxie, Doppler and I drove there yesterday afternoon.

The marine layer was in, leaving the beach cloudy and hazy. Maybe that was good. We were very worried about Doppler getting sunburned.

IMG_7371The beach was crowded with two and four legged bathers. Some dogs couldn’t wait to run into the surf and retrieve balls or sticks. Others were carried or otherwise cajoled toward the water. Not every trip to the waterline was successful.

With all those dogs you’d expect some conflict, but I saw none.

IMG_7486Doppler and Roxie both made it to the wet sand, though neither was interested in dipping their paws or even staying near the waves.

There was a lot to see on the beach besides the people and pets.

Surfers were riding the waves. Sometimes dolphins appeared (though not while my camera was pointing at the right spot) leaping out of the water behind the big breakers. In the distance were a few oil platforms and the misty outline of Santa Catalina Island.

IMG_7547Planes carrying banners flew up and down the beach, advertising local businesses and one TV show. At one point a vintage prop fighter flew by not more than a few hundred feet above the water.

There’s a lot involved going to this beach, including a post-outing bath for both Roxie and Doppler. They might not have been in the water, but they were surely in the sand!

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  1. If you do go to Ruby’s, go for breakfast and get their cinnamon bun French toast. It is the best French toast you will ever have.

  2. If you want to check out Ruby’s (and it’s on MY list), continue south to Crystal Cove, past Newport Beach, where there;s a Ruby’s right on the sand!

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