On Syria And War

I have avoided writing about Syria for the last week. I can’t wait any longer. I am adamantly against military involvement there. No boots. No planes. No missiles.

There are a few reasons, but the only one that really counts is Fox’s first rule of war: Never fight unless you’re ready to fight unconditionally–and we are not. That type of fight only comes from the kind of provocation we had in World War II and haven’t had since.

You can’t pull your punches or try and fight a limited war successfully. We have shown this time and again. Can’t we learn from all our mistakes?

If we still had a draft there’s no way this would be happening. Right now our army comes from a small sliver of our population. I personally know no family with an active duty soldier.

What Assad has done to his people is reprehensible, but we can no longer be the world’s police force. It has won us few friends, made plenty of enemies and cost us many lives and much treasure.

I hope cooler heads prevail. Probably not.

12 thoughts on “On Syria And War”

  1. 100% agreed, well said Geoff! Besides…did they ask us to come in and help?

    No. Thus why no other country is going to help-the Sryian people (nor the Iraqi or Afgani for that matter) never Asked for it.

    And like you said, we cann’t be the world’s police force…it hasn’t gotten us anywhere positive.

  2. dear Geoff, I fully agree with your stance on Syria. my nephew 19 yrs old is army ready for deployment in april of next year. the last thing I want to see is him involved in a war that chemicals are used. his mom told me he went thru the gas chamber ” at least 4 times in the last month. wtf. he has a wife and daughter to support…whats barack Hussein Obama thinking…were’re not out of afganni iran yet the usa is not the earth police. spoken from a naturalized citizen… love the usa…cant stand Obama…:p

  3. Geoff…I am in agreement with you…yet one must ask…why is it that most of the world has been in agreement since 1925 after crafting and creating an International Law condemning the use of chemical warfare and if the atrocity was committed, agree to band together as a united coalition of countries to punish a country or entity militarily and economically for violating human existence in such a vile manor. Are we, the United States, the last country on the planet with hut spa, moxie, and the moral character and backbone to go at it alone, to step up to plate to tyrants who are callused and cruel? Just asking.

  4. I agree. My husbands nephew is in Afghanistan doing his 9 month deployment there. He is due to come back to the states in November but if Syria happens he doesn’t know if he’ll be home by then. He can’t wait to leave that hell hole as he calls it. Their base has been hit twice, the last one just the other night and always by suicide bombers. We don’t belong in Syria anymore than we belong in Afghanistan. Neither one serves us any purpose.

  5. Geoff

    I have been a daily reader of your blog, for YEARs. I always enjoy reading your Non political posts. I rarely agree with your Political posts, surely I am near always anti Obama.

    Today we are in agreement, in re to Syria. Hopefully we will not enter another WAR, merely to save HIS Face? England has it RIGHT!!

  6. Geoff, from your lips to God’s ears…
    Failing that, then at least to the ears of those who will be making the decision!

  7. Any use of Chemical Weapons must be met with force, directly & quickly.

    At what number of dead will it take the world community to unite, and to act against the use of Chemical Weapons? Will 2,313 additiomal deaths make it act??? 4,822??? 8,798??? The world looked the other during WWII while Hitler attempted to kill 6 million jews, plus millions of others in an organized way through slave labor, death camps, etc. Other belligrent regimes are watching what is done by the world community against Assad’s use of Chemical Weapons. The innocent can not wait.

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