In Awe Of This Skill

this american life logoI listen to the radio while getting ready for the day. There’s a substantially waterproof Sangean that sits in our shower. Usually it’s on KPCC, the NPR station in Pasadena.

Today the water went on as the story of Emir Kamenica came on, part of the show “This American Life.”

It was a fascinating story, but Emir Kamenica’s story isn’t what this blog entry is about. It was the storytelling skill of Michael Lewis and “This American Life” in general that sent me to the keyboard.

The TAL website says the story runs 34 minutes. My shower was done seven or eight minutes in. I didn’t turn the radio off. I kept listening.

As a whole, we underappreciate storytelling. It is not easily done. When correctly executed it is a thing of beauty.

No pictures or video were needed to feel the emotion surrounding this man’s life. I was touched by the words.

I am in awe of this skill.

One thought on “In Awe Of This Skill”

  1. Do you ever listen to Garrison Keiler on Prairie Home Companion–it is on NPR on Saturdays 6-8PM?
    I like NPR–for its stories like This American Life. Also, I like their news reporting and discussions—your get more of a “real people” opinions vs all political.

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