NFL California Style


My first week of NFL games from California is nearly over. It is a brand new experience.

With a Thursday game, Sunday night, plus two on Monday there was more choice than usual. That would have been the case back east or here.

What’s obviously different is the 10:00 AM start for the first game! I was just getting up and the game was already a few plays old.

Helaine usually stays up to watch the late Sunday game. Often she’d complain about how late it lasted and how it would screw up her schedule. No more! Sunday’s late game was over well before bedtime, around 9:00 O’clock.

I’m not sure how the local affiliates feel. Thursday’s game on NBC meant no early evening newscast on Channel 4. Local news is a big money maker for TV stations. Football is too, but the local stations get fewer commercials to sell.

In the East Sunday’s evening game leads into a delayed edition of the news. Sunday night’s game here ended early enough for an hour of network filler before the local news at its normal time of 11:00 PM. I’m not sure which is better, news after midnight or an hour of much less compelling fare before the news?

Tonight’s second game will end early enough for SoCal fans of the Chargers (are there any?) to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

All things considered the NFL’s schedule is a dream for West Coast viewers.

Oh… one more thing concerning football. I know, it’s off topic, but what a night for the Philadelphia Eagles. They stunned the Washington Redskins in a game no one predicted they’d even keep close. For big fans like Helaine and me it was heaven on Earth.

It started before dinner!

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  1. on the east coast we were also happy because the Eagles/Redskins game started earlier due to there being 2 games on Monday night! Usually husband is long gone to bed before the opening kickoff.
    First 5 or 10 minutes alone were worth watching!

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