I Love The Hummingbirds

IMG_7605I’ve bought lots of stuff over the years. Lots necessary. Some frivolous. None have brought more joy than my hummingbird feeder.

I forget exactly what it cost, but I’m sure I walked out of the store with a feeder and bottle of nectar mix for under $20.

Now we make the nectar at home. It’s just sugar and water. What could be easier?

IMG_7609The feeder is mounted on a window in the family room. All day there is a steady stream of tiny birds. They swoop in quickly, often ‘hang’ in midair, then perch on the feeder. Usually they’re solo eaters, though recently I’ve seen pairs sucking down nectar.

Earlier this afternoon there were five slurping at once! I was stunned. I was also ticked my camera was upstairs.

IMG_7640Hummingbirds are totally different from any other bird I’ve ever encountered. Obviously, they’re little. Their wings are constantly in motion. When nearby you hear a distinctive low pitched hum from their flapping.

Helaine was worried we’d have a large deposit of bird poop under the feeder. They must poop. Just not here. Thanks Mother Nature. Problem solved!

Stay thirsty my friends. I can sit and watch you forever.

9 thoughts on “I Love The Hummingbirds”

  1. I am jealous. All we have here on the east coast are ruby throated hummingbirds. The west coast is a veritable smorgasbord of hummingbirds. Sadly, I think mine have started the trip south already. 🙁

    1. Yes, my last one left the other day as well from Tolland… I sure do miss them! They are the absolute cutest… and they have a long flight ahead. But they return every summer!

  2. Geoff, That is the same feeder I have and it’s the best one around for ease of cleaning and the birds seem to love it. I got mine at Walmart for about 5-6 bucks. Make sure you clean it often because hummers are very picky about dirty feeders. Enjoy and we miss you!!

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