George Made My Day

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It was family time today. We drove to Los Angeles, then had lunch in Malibu. More on that tomorrow. First, my Hollywood story.

With my niece Melissa and her husband Mark in tow, we stopped at Stef’s in Hollywood. She suggested we walk to Hollywood and Highland, the epicenter of the tourist scene. After all, Melissa had never seen California before Tuesday!

We ended up at Sweet!, a candy store in the Dolby Theater complex.

Stef, Melissa and I were choosing a snack when the guy across the counter started staring at me. George is from New Haven. He’s a Cross grad. He said I looked familiar.

“You’re from the news,” he said. “Weather,” he continued.

He left Connecticut in ’96, but he remembered.

I know there are people on TV who want to get off camera and become anonymous. Not me. Not insecure me. I was flattered he remembered–even more so because he did it in such a genuinely nice way and in front of my niece.

George made my day!

I bought a bag of chocolate covered malted milk balls.

10 thoughts on “George Made My Day”

  1. I know that lifted your heart. 🙂 Still missing you here in CT. Despite your kind words for your fellow weather people here in CT; they just do not compare! The other night a young woman – no names to protect the innocent – was talking about our fall temperatures. The lowest was maybe 50 degrees at night. Don’t worry, she said, the thaw will come this weekend. Thaw????!!!! I am very worried about making it through the winter – I need to know the weather for my work.

  2. Geoff, your style of forecasting the weather was one of contained explosive energy. It was easy to discern you loved what you did. Anyone living in Connecticut even for a short time would be hard pressed not to recognize you. I just find it hard to believe a nice Jewish boy from New York could truly find happiness in (ugh) California!!!

  3. Geoff,

    There is a huge loss here in our state for weather forecasters. None of the “flock” does it justice like you did. I say you start a daily forecast for CT from your location in CA via the Internet. Charge each person $1/month to view it. My guess, CT has a population of what, about 3.5 Million. I’ll bet you get about 2% of the people here in our state that would rather your weather forecasts remotely from CA than watching any of the current crop on TV! Plus, we can watch it at any time!!!! That would be 70K/month 🙂

    Try it, you can put the current crop of TV stations out of business from CA and CT can get our weatherman back !!!!!

    – Andre

    1. I’m with Andre! Your take on the weather was accurate and interesting. We trusted what you said and enjoyed the way you said it. It would be great if you could come back to CT weather forecasting, if only via the internet.

  4. Geoff,So happy that you are having a Great time in Cali…. I myself miss your weather forecast,I would never ever watch another channel for anything,just the one that you was on!!! We here in Ct!!! Miss You!!!!

  5. That was very nice. I was in LA back in the latter end of January this year (2013). Heard a voice on the TV and when I looked it was one of the news anchors from WTNH that had moved a while back – her name escapes me right now. It was nice to “see” a familiar “local” tv face on the west coast from New Haven’s local tv station. Wishing you all the best with your future endeavors. You graced us for so many years in CT with your talent and now you’re using your other talents and keeping us in the loop.
    True Hamdenite!

  6. Face it Geoff, you have a face and voice that are instantly recognisable no matter where you are. I’ll bet there will be more people like George out there who will make your day.

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