We Walk

There’s one word that summarizes the difference between our lives in Connecticut and California: outside. We spend a lot more time outside.

The weather this summer has been unreal and (other than a little rain) I can’t imagine winter is much worse!

Late in July we began taking advantage, walking most evenings. We do two miles, give or take, three or four nights a week.

Since anything worth doing is worth doing to obsession, I downloaded Runkeeper to my phone. It logs our trips, offering encouragement to progress.

Tonight we crossed the 50 mile mark, while burning 4,100+ calories along the way. Can either number be trusted? Probably not, but they’re the best we’ve got.

I’d like to say I’m slimmer and feeling stronger, but I’m not. Everything seems the same. There comes a time in life when not feeling worse is the equivalent of feeling better!

3 thoughts on “We Walk”

  1. It’s a lot easier to walk or bike, when you don’t have to deal with hills and narrow roads with no lee way for bikers. I remember nice wide (4 lanes) streets with a divider in the middle. Someday, I’ll have to drag out the old slides—if they aren’t moldy, and look at them. The one view, from a previous message, that hasn’t changed is the HOllywood Sign on Griffith Mountain–or is it Griffin. Whatever! I watched LA–WATTS-burn from atop of that little Mountain. (My parents were visiting me from CT at the time!)—We had to travel to San Diego via the 5–I think!

  2. Hahaha, love that last line: ” There comes a time in life when not feeling worse is the equivalent of feeling better.” So true… for many. I am an arthritis research nurse.

  3. Walking is the natural state for New Yorkers so I would venture to guess that you are reverting back to your natural state.
    Good for you. You are also probably assimilating to the generic Californian by embracing a healthier life style.

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