It’s Gloomy And I Feel Cheated

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I’ve seen this weather before. Just not since moving to California. It’s cloudy. It’s gloomy. It’s chilly. California, this is so not like you.

Here’s the awful part. I feel cheated, as if I’m entitled to eternal sunshine. I’m sure in SoCal I’m not alone.

If the weather models are to be believed, it’s the marine layer. That’s a shallow slice of ocean influence which brings clouds. Once you move to the other side of the Santa Ana Mountains, tall enough to act as a block, skies clear.

When the marine layer is present it’s usually burned off by late morning. That will happen tomorrow and Sunday. Then the marine layer retreats for a few days.

I really do feel cheated. How sad. That didn’t take long.

5 thoughts on “It’s Gloomy And I Feel Cheated”

  1. Geoff just wait until the fog is so dense to cannot 2 feet in front of you in So CA. I remember going on date one time and I didn’t think I would ever make it home. My boyfriend was driving. He drove into a gas station, thinking it was a street. I remember driving down the Cajon Pass. I was on the freeway, but I was only driving about 5 mph. Once, just north of Sacramento, CA, they had extremely dense fog, along with black ice. Can you imagination combination like that? You can find all kinds of weather in California.

  2. Geoff, just remember – Winter is coming. Just not for you! (That said, some of us in the Northeast couldn’t be more excited. Let’s hope it’s a snow-filled year!)

  3. Geoff,

    You should be saying that you feel cheated that you won’t be experiencing a New England Fall. Yesterday, 9/20, was absolutely beautiful, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and in the
    low ’80s Beautiful day for apple picking!

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