Fall–Here And There


I got a call from a friend yesterday. She and her husband were driving through the Berkshires. College shopping. She told me it was nice to see the leaves beginning to turn.

Fall foliage always held a mixed message for me. On the one hand, it was beautiful. There’s no denying, New England in the fall is gorgeous.

On the other hand, fall foliage was the first sign winter was nearby. If you know me, you know I hate winter!


Fall in SoCal is much less pronounced. The plants which flank my patio are all green. I even have some bushes flowering.

The leaves on the trees outside the house are also green.

This morning on the news the meteorologist talked about fall-like weather.  I suppose. It’s just a different fall. Here, seasonal change is more nuanced.


I miss the colors of New England, but I think I like this fall better. 

I’m out on the patio writing this on my tablet while having a cup of coffee.  Fall was never conducive to that in Connecticut.

It doesn’t take long to love California weather.

5 thoughts on “Fall–Here And There”

  1. I had the same feelings about the Northeast….and had progressively worsening SAD …hence the move to South Florida 13 years ago…we can always visit in Fall and winter if we need a “taste” of what we are missing….and then go home to the sunshine/warmth…perfect!

  2. Weather here in Naugatuck was condusive to sitting outside–today. It just took until near sun set to get that way! We are supposed to get up to the high 70’s, low 80’s next week– we’ll see—Colors are even slow going in to southern NH —was there on Thursday. Hopefully, we won’t have any great weather events this fall!

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