Can You See My Frustration?

I can’t believe it’s come to this. The government is really shut down. This is crazy. How do rational adults fight like they’re seven year olds?

Oh–hold on. I answered my own question.

“Obamacare” is decided law? The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress, then signed by the president. It was litigated in the Supreme Court and survived the challenge.

Then, in last year’s presidential election, Governor Romney and President Obama based much of their campaigns on their diametrically opposed views on it. Obama won.

Meanwhile, all I see on TV is intransigence, posturing and half truths.

The cable networks are having a field day. This is their Super Bowl. They’ve got a compelling story with developing details.

Are they milking our angst? Probably.

My blood is boiling. Pre-existing condition?

Our health care system stinks. It’s prohibitively expensive with results that trail much of the rest of the world. The ACA is a step forward.

How can the Republicans in Congress think “Obamacare” is so evil it’s worth shutting down America? Maybe they’re scared it will succeed?

20 thoughts on “Can You See My Frustration?”

  1. The first thing they need to shut down are the pay checks the politicians are receiving. The whole thing would be settled in minutes!

  2. It’s not that it’s “evil” it’s because it unfair. Why should congress get a subsidy the rest of can’t? Why not a one year individual mandate, employers got a year mandate? And I agree, politicians should not be getting a paycheck while the government is shut down.

    1. Gail – Congress and federal employees get the same type of subsidy most employees get when their employers provide health coverage. That doesn’t change under the ACA.

      1. The difference is the Federal Government can help pay for the premiums of that coverage just like they have now. They won’t be paying for mine.

  3. If Obamacare is so wonderful why is the president, senators and congressmen exempt ?. I hate having something crammed down by throat by either party.

      1. I find that most of the people against ACA have no idea what it actually is. I keep hearing “why can the president, senate, etc OPT Out and we cant” They just don’t get it and are listening to what they’re being fed by the fear mongerers

  4. Geoff,
    If more people would do a common Google search or check, fact check, etc…. BEFORE opening their mouths, half the mouths would never open…. There’s a ton of half-truths, misconceptions, and outright lies out there from both sides. The problem is, there are always 3 sides to every story, mine, yours, and the truth. There are very few among us with no bias, however well meant or intended, it’s there.
    A disinterested 3rd party is almost always the best source. I get a lot of good info from overseas sites. Stuff we don’t hear about from the local news outlets. Even when they cover the same stories, there’s a different take on it as it’s written from a different perspective.
    Hope you’re enjoying CA Santa Ana and all!

  5. So okay, because these morons in Washington can’t act like rational adults and make a decent compromise, THOUSNDS, if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of American Citizens have to suffer, yet these idiots still get a paycheck?

    Now, if they either lived on minimum wage or no pay until the shut down was resolved….THEN we’d see how fast we’d get a resolution.

    But that’s not happening.

  6. The republicans have’t offered anything concrete either. All they do is to critisize . In the mean time who know how long this shutdown will go on.

  7. We are forgetting a little fact that the republicans seem to want to “wash” under the rug and not take credit for any longer.. Oddly enough, most of Obamacare was created in a Republican Think tank years ago as the rebuttal to “Hillarycare”

    Odd.. It was good back in the 1990’s to rebut Hillary.. Wonder what has changed that now the republicans don’t like it any more?

  8. The Tea Party and the rest of the GOP fools should look at their platform from just 10 to 15 years ago. When the GOP had an idea it was a good one but now when the Dems make it work it all stinks. Get real GOP you are heading for removal from office when the american people wake up and understand that things are not getting done because you’re not getting you way. Grow up, the people have spoken the affordable care act is the law , it may not be perfect but it is better than the state of health care we had before it! Gow up GOP, get real and do something in congress and earn your pay for a change!

  9. You would think that they had some personal interest in stopping the Affordable Care Act — which, by the way, is downloadable and the language of which is fairly accessible — wouldn’t you?

    From the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care) Section 1312
    (i) REQUIREMENT.—Notwithstanding any other
    provision of law, after the effective date of this subtitle,
    the only health plans that the Federal Government
    may make available to Members of Congress and
    congressional staff with respect to their service as a
    Member of Congress or congressional staff …shall be
    health plans that are—
    (I) created under this Act (or an amendment
    made by this Act); or
    (II) offered through an Exchange established
    under this Act (or an amendment made by this

    (II) CONGRESSIONAL STAFF.—The term ‘‘congressional
    staff’’ means all full-time and part-time
    employees employed by the official office of a
    Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC
    or outside of Washington, DC.


  10. I reiterate.
    The difference is the Federal Government can help pay for the premiums of that coverage just like they have now. They won’t be paying for mine.
    Therefore, I will be paying for mine and theirs.

    Subsidy- A subsidy is a form of financial or in kind support extended to an economic sector


  11. I think the Republicans want to make the democratic pres look so bad. The next election people will vote Republican. Then, the debt will really take off as it did during the Bush administration.

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