The Correct Way To Be Excited About Snow SoCal Style

The weather forecasting computer models move a low pressure system south from Nevada, tapping into some offshore moisture and bringing SoCal a decent chance of precipitation late tonight and Wednesday.

No big deal. Albert Hammond lied. It does rain in Southern California… just not often.

Here’s the exciting part. The atmosphere will be cold enough to see snowfall on some mountains higher than 5,600 feet Wednesday evening! We’ve got one of those visible from my bedroom window, Santiago Peak at 5,689 ft. It’s 12.5 miles away.

It’s possible the snow will be mixed with rain up there, or the rain/snow line might drift higher for this storm. You know how elusive good snow predictions are. Beyond that, the ground is still very warm. Snow sticking on Santiago is no certainty.

However, this was a pre-California fantasy for Helaine and me–snow visible from the house while we walk around in shirtsleeves. We are hopeful.

Bring it!

2 thoughts on “The Correct Way To Be Excited About Snow SoCal Style”

  1. It is nice being able to look out your window and seeing snow on the mountains. Do you think you’ll drive up to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake when there is a lot of snow on the mountains, so you won’t forget what it feels like? Mt Baldy is probably the highest mountain in So. CA. It can reached it off the 210 Fwy. There are a could of areas in So CA, like the Ridge Rte (Hwy 5)going north towards Bakersfield and Cajon Pass (Hwy 15) going to Las Vegas, where you could be required to have chains or snow tires on your car when it snows. I hate the dense fog when you can’t see beyond the hood of your car. I would give up CT in a heart beat for CA again. A few more years and that will happen.

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