What Kind Of Child Have We Raised?

It’s cloudy here in SoCal. Cool too. We’ve had a thimble full of showers. The ground’s wet, but not enough for a puddle.

My phone rang a little while ago. It was Stef calling from Hollywood.

“I love this weather,” she said. “My windows are open.”

Wow! What has happened to my little girl? Has she become so jaded by endless sunshine she’s lost all perspective?

She’s rebelling against sunny and 72&#176!

Stef’s been here three years. Maybe it’s gotten to her? Maybe you can get tired of too much of a good thing?


4 thoughts on “What Kind Of Child Have We Raised?”

  1. I remember talking to someone who was raised in the North East and spent all her life in this part of country. She was saying she loved it here and never wanted to leave. I told my sister what she had said. She laughed and said, good thing she feels that way, because California is already crowded. We don’t any more people here. It is very easy to become jaded after you have lived where the temperatures are mild. You experience a deep in temperature below 33 about once in every 5 or 6 years, for one or two nights. That is when you cover up your plants.

    1. How long did you reside in Lancaster? I wouldn’t care to live in the high desert, it gets to hot during the summer months. I think Geoff picked the right place. Irvine is a nice community, close to the beach. I lived in Laguna Beach years ago. I think of all the places I have called home, that was my favorite. During the summer months when the Laguna Beach Art Festival & Sawdust Festival are in full swing, the town is mobbed with both cars & people. Another place I liked was just north of there and that is Corona del Mar. When I was a kid, I would go there every summer.

      I’m having flashing backs now.

  2. If anyone needs a tour guide around LA & Orange Counties, just let me know. I can get around there without a GPS. LOL I don’t go out to CA very often, but in just a few years I’ll be back in my old stomping grounds again. I’ll be in 7th Heaven when I return to my home state. Only have to content with 3 seasons, spring, summer & fall. I won’t have to worry about snow, ice & cold temperatures again. WTG

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