A Very Different Autumn

front yard gnarled leaves

The weather people here in SoCal have been mentioning fall is here. This is a very different autumn for me.

We had clouds from the marine layer overnight. The temperature never got as low as 60&#176. Right now it’s 68&#176, so low 70&#176s before the day is done.

No leaf color. I miss that. I can’t lie.

Can fall foliage properly be described to someone who’s never seen it?

I miss climbing up Sleeping Giant and staring at the countryside.

A spectacular state park in the neighborhood. How lucky can you get?

I don’t miss the angst I suffered dreading winter, just around the corner.

I saw my letter carrier at the neighborhood mailbox cluster a few minutes ago. She was smiling and sorting.

“You have no idea how good you have it,” I offered. She’s never put chains on her mail truck or worn gloves without fingertips.

When we lived in Branford, our carrier Jack Kennedy used to wear shorts well into winter. I suspect there was a wager between the guys at the post office or maybe just communal macho pride. Who wants to be the first to give in?

I miss fall in Connecticut, not what comes next.

4 thoughts on “A Very Different Autumn”

  1. Geoff, the October issue of Arizona Highways has a good natured article and spectacular photos about Autumn in Arizona (and why it’s better here than it is in Vermont). The premise is that Arizona, contrary to popular belief, has four seasons and fall is more spectacular here. It’s not because the leaves are more colorful than Vermont’s but because the season lasts so much longer, about three months. By the looks of the photos provided, the fall foliage here is gorgeous. But it’s a bit of a different kind of gorgeous. So, if you miss New England fall foliage, you can make a trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Canyon De Chelly, Oak Creek Canyon, Lake Powell, etc. If you can find a copy of the magazine you’ll see what I mean. Even though I now live here in beautiful Arizona, I still feel that there is nothing more beautiful than a New England fall.

  2. You cannot compare the fall in So. California like those you encounter in Connecticut. I remember one time leaving JFK in the middle of March. It was in the 30’s and snow all over the ground. When I arrived in Long Beach, CA, it was 97 degrees. It is normal for the weather to be in the 60’s & 70’s during the months. That is what is considered to be winter where you live now. I freeze every winter. Don’t want to leave the house. You can call me a hermit from November thru March.

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