I Feel Like I’m Cheating On Southwest


Living an hour from LAX gives me options not available from Connecticut.  You can fly non-stop nearly everywhere!

We’ve been a Southwest family for years.  That usually meant changing planes on the way.  When you figure a minimum of 45 minutes between flights plus the overhead of landing and non-direct routes, we were losing an extra few hours every time we flew.

Stef and I are on the way back from my parents place in Florida.  FLL-LAX on JetBlue.  One plane all-the-way.

Ft. Lauderdale isn’t as close as West Palm Beach.  LAX isn’t as close as John Wayne (or Long Beach for that matter).  Non-stop is non-stop.

So, how does JetBlue compare with Southwest?  Not too bad.

Southwest has more legroom than most other carriers.  JetBlue has more legroom still.

JetBlue’s Airbus 320s seem to have a little more overhead bin space that Southwest’s 737s.

There are TVs at every seat on this plane, but no WiFi.  Southwest has WiFi which comes with free TV on my tablet.  I miss the WiFi… a lot.

Neither airline serves real food.  Bigger bags of snacks here, but better snacks on Southwest.

Having an assigned seat here is not a big deal.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get the seat I wanted via the Southwest cattle call.

I miss the fun of the Southwest cabin crews.

We’ll be back on Southwest, but we’ll probably be seeing others.

One thought on “I Feel Like I’m Cheating On Southwest”

  1. I’ve flown on both Jet Blue & Southwest, but I prefer Jet Blue for the reasons you mentioned. It is nice to have the extra leg room. Also I enjoyed watching TV. You have to have an iPhone or Smart phone to take advantage of WiFi. If you are going to take Jet Blue, it is easier to fly out of Long Beach instead of LAX. The airport is a very small. I have flown non-stop from JFK to Long Beach and back again.

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