Photos Of My Folks

Along with everything else found in my parents condo were some classic photos. Here’s a very small sample I hope you enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Photos Of My Folks”

  1. You do look very much like your Mom. But then when I saw your Mom and Dad together in the “Bathing suits bungalow colony” photo, I thought for a second that your dad was you. Same full-face smile that makes your eyes go squinty. 🙂 (that is a compliment). I smiled at the one that says “At the Nevele”. I have similar photos of my parents (may they rest in peace) from The Raleigh, The Concord, Grossingers and possibly the Nevele. LOL They loved the Catskills resorts.

  2. Geoff! Your parents are just awesome! Thanks for sharing these! Now…are there any of you all as a family with a little Geoff in them? I just found photos in a table of my moms and just found out I was a frightening looking child! LOL! Give your parents my best from cold, dreary Danbury CT

  3. Dear Jeff:
    I have followed your career for years. I still cannot tune into Channel 8. I don’t like any other weathercasters, but you. You kept the science in your forecasting on a high level, as well a little levity to go along. I always enjoyed watching you on TV and miss your forecasting so much.

    Pls. keep us posted as you progress through figuring out what the next step will be.

    Blessings on you and your family.

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