Can We Talk Weather?


My Connecticut periodontist, Barry, posted some pics on Facebook tonight. His new snowblower arrived.

“It’s here. She’s a beauty.”

Outside the births of his children, it’s possible Barry’s never been this proud!

On Twitter, Ryan Hanrahan of NBC30 and Eric Fisher from Boston’s WBZ, were chatting up the potential for wintry weather in New England.

Let the model watch begin (and not the fun kind). 0z coming in. We’ll be doing a lot of this for the next week or so. – @ericfisher

Barry, Ryan and Eric are all excited about winter. Me too.

As Helaine and I drove up the 405 this afternoon she said, “I knew it would be good, but not this good.”

We have had a nearly endless succession of sunny days. Today, November 6, it hit 80&#176. The dew point at 2:00 PM was 22&#176. The forecast in a word: More.

Before we moved here, I knew what the weather would be… on paper. It’s different when you’re experiencing it.

Don’t get me wrong. There will be chilly days. It will rain. The blue will be hidden behind clouds.

The difference is, bad here is short lived.

A few nights ago, Helaine and I were walking Doppler. Across the street we saw our neighbor, Grace and her pup, Bailey.

Temps were in the mid-60&#176s. Grace was wearing long sleeves and a puffy thermal vest.

“What happens when it’s really winter,” I asked?

This is what happens when you get too much of a good thing.

Bring it!

7 thoughts on “Can We Talk Weather?”

  1. You are describing exactly why I want to return to CA. Since I moved to CT, I turn into a hermit come winter. My body just can’t adjust to the cold weather. Geoff if you ever want some company, I would love to visit you during the winter months.

  2. Probably putting the snow tires on this weekend. I don’t mind winter. It has some of the best hiking and certainly, skiing. Will head north to the Granite State come retirement time. Briefly lived in CA and got bored with the constant perfect weather.

  3. What are these numbers that were in your latest post about great California weather?

    “We have had a nearly endless succession of sunny days. Today, November 6, it hit 80&#176. The dew point at 2:00 PM was 22&#176. The forecast in a word: More.”

    What is 80&#176 and 22&#176?

  4. Awhile back Ryan Hanrahan said a possibility of a blizzard around Superbowl time.just what New England needs another bad winter.On the flip side it will be 60 degrees today.

  5. You’re going to experience “winter” in an entirely different way than those who have lived out there for years. I lived in SoCal for 3 years. The first year during the winter I was constantly hot or at least a lot more comfortable than everyone else. Looking around, I’d see people in winter coats, hats and complaining about how cold it was. I was walking around with short sleeves or a sweater. I remember a brief snow flurry. It was the first they’d experienced in some years in the desert. I was teased that I brought the east coast winter with me. But while everyone else was bundled up as if they were in the midst of a blizzard in zero degree weather, I was outside without a coat and wondering how there could be snow flurries while it was so warm. After this first winter your blood will thin and you’ll be just like everyone else. In the meantime, enjoy the mild winter while everyone else around you is freezing. Next year you’ll be just like everyone else who is freezing in 40 degrees.

  6. Hope your pal doesn’t need his big snowblower.
    WE were talking about winter at work this week. General consensus is that we LIKE having snow for Christmas and New Years but would be perfectly fine if it all went away January 2nd and went back to being 70 and sunny. The boss said he wanted it to be 70 and sunny year round.
    The other thing we agreed on is that Fall in CT is very pretty but we wish it would go straight into spring and skip winter altogether.
    Wishful thinking on both parts.
    BTW we had snowshowers in my town Friday. We were NOT amused.

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