Where’s Steve When My Car Is Sick?

wpid-IMAG0265.jpgI need Steve! Really. Steve, I need you.

For at least 25 years in Connecticut Steve kept my cars running. Yes, we became friends, but first he was an honest auto mechanic. He was my honest auto mechanic.

I sent Steve a text this weekend. Could he drive over?

There’s a problem with my SLK230. The car’s 15 years old. It’s entitled to need some attention from time-to-time.

The car drives well when driven gently. But, if you really step on the throttle the car hesitates and misses.

So, zero to 80 in 30 seconds, no problem. Zero to 80 in 10 seconds–not gonna happen.

My guess is it has to do with air to the supercharger. I like that solution because the symptoms fit similar experiences online and it’s not too expensive to repair.

Not having Steve makes the problem more troubling.

I looked online to get a sense of who’s liked. With 171 reviews on Yelp, almost uniformly positive, The Auto Clinic was chosen.

We just dropped off the car. Geoff, smiley, friendly and wearing clean overalls, traded my little car for a piece of paper.

Does his properly spelled name serve as a good omen? The verdict comes tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Where’s Steve When My Car Is Sick?”

  1. Nothing like a good and trusted mechanic. Took me a while when I moved to Old Saybrook to find a place to take my 2000 Durango. Big Blue is still running like a top thanks to Ibbs Auto!! (they even leave me a chocolate in my car when I pick it up)

  2. A mechanic in clean overalls? Unless it was first thing in the morning, I would not leave my vehicle there. If they’re doing their job, mechanics rarely have clean clothes while working. Just my opinion.

  3. When I was shopping around for a good auto mechanic, I asked my neighbors. I found an excellent one. That also applied to a doctor and dentist.

  4. Goeff,
    My name is also Steve i’ve been a mercedes technician for almost 10 years now and also from hamden. From the description i believe i know what your problem is if you need advise or just someone to give you a second opinion on the diagnosis you are given, please don’t hesitate to ask we take care of our own in hamden.

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