The Foxes First Citrus Harvest


Growing fruit in our tiny yard seems so exotic… and yet, we did! This afternoon Helaine picked our first lemon.

There’s not much you can do with one lemon other than make sure it’s sour. It was!

12 thoughts on “The Foxes First Citrus Harvest”

    1. I remember when our apricot showed it first blossom during January. For months I would watch how the flowers turned from flowers to tiny apricots. Come June when they started to ripen up, I would check them every day to see when the first one would be picked & eaten. That made my day. Royal apricots are the best. They are like eating candy.

  1. Looks like you have a good crop, yet to ripen. A squirt of lemon into a nice glass of ice water will quench one’s thirst, and in my case, cut down on the number of kidney stones I produce. Up here, Lemons are still at 3/$2.00.
    Hey, did you happen to catch Hamden being featured on the weather channel for “Extreme Weather” segment–referring to 40″ snow storm last Feb.?? I think it was featured on Tues.

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