We’ve Got Our First Lemon


Outside, in the “California Room” just under a window from our family room sits a tiny lemon tree. It’s 18″ tall, tops.

The tree was planted already showing a few tiny green lemons. I told Helaine they were Crazy Glued on to sell more trees!

Don’t laugh. It worked.

The first lemon has turned yellow! Be still my heart.

I’m not sure what to do? How do you know it’s ripe? I haven’t been in Californian long. Citrus knowledge is tough to come by in Connecticut.

Growing season is long over in the east, but all my plants are still thriving. Gardenias are blooming. Hummingbirds are sipping at the feeder.

Eating fruit grown in our own yard is a California fantasy Helaine and I share. Check one off the bucket list.

5 thoughts on “We’ve Got Our First Lemon”

  1. You don’t have to pick the lemon immediately. We only picked our lemons when we needed them. Besides having a miniture lemon tree (like yours) in our backyard, we had an apricot, peach and 2 fig trees. There are even miniture peach trees. Check out this website: http://www.cliftonsnursery.net/

  2. Oh gee thanks Geoff. Just what I want to think about while the wind howls out side my windows, frost has painted over my car and my toes are cold! But, because I always enjoyed your forecasts, I’m happy for you and Helaine.

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