The Advantage Of Not Forecasting On-The-Air

I’m watching the Pats/Broncos and remembering winter. They’re not pleasant memories.

If I was still forecasting in Connecticut, I’d have been talking about Wednesday’s potential storm for days already. Fellow forecasters, I feel your pain. The forecast has vacillated like a bride-to-be on “Say Yes To The Dress.”

Even today no one knows for sure. I certainly don’t.

However, the models have begun to stabilize. The forecast solution has become more consistent run-to-run.

Wednesday looks like rain all across the East Coast. In fact, it looks like rain most of the way from Canada to Florida! Early Thursday the rain turns to snow, but by that time the storm’s moisture should be mostly spent.

In New York City the potential is there for enough wind to keep the balloons grounded Thanksgiving Day. No one wants that.

Here in SoCal it’s temps near 70&#176 and a slight chance for rain Thursday and Friday. Slight.

8 thoughts on “The Advantage Of Not Forecasting On-The-Air”

  1. Thanks Geoff! I sure hope the wind dies down for the parade. It’s really cold here today in New Haven. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving in your new location.

  2. Thanks for the forecast. 🙂 We’ve been waivering on whether to go north on Wed. or early Thurs….your info just made that decision. Here’s wishing you, and your family, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks, Geoff…CT MISSES YOU AND YOUR FORECASTS VERY MUCH. We used to love your program on Fox after the weather forecast and found your subjects very educational and interesting. Do ya think you’ll ever come back to CT? Hope you are happy on So. Cal. Have a wonderful Holiday season.

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for the forecast. I always trusted your call over the other stations!!!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.
    love to Dopler!

  5. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for the forecast. I always trusted your word over the other stations, still do.
    Have a happy thanksgiving.
    love to Dopler.

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