Winter As A Distant Spectator


It is unavoidable on the TV. The big story this Thanksgiving eve is weather and travel troubles.

CNN is holding a race, sending reporters from New York City to Washington by plane, train and car.  So far it’s been a demonstration of how close to working the technology is.  Close, but no cigar.

It could easily be worse. The East Coast is mainly plagued with rain. Snow is falling in the more thinly populated cities just to the west.  Roads are sloppy, but people are moving.

Last night Rachel Frank tweeted late temperatures from Connecticut. Though some numbers were still in the sixties, the implication was the other shoe would drop… and it has.

Now the talk has moved to Manhattan and whether Macy’s balloons will fly to tomorrow?

Early in my radio career I worked in West Palm Beach. During the winter I’d watch hand lotion and snow tire commercials and smile.   Now the wintery references are more numerous and the emotional angle of winter suffering is played up more.

I don’t want to gloat from my winterless hideaway in the west, but I’m sure that’s how it comes off.  After all, missing today’s slop and tomorrow’s biting cold is why we moved.

I miss forecasting the weather. I don’t miss the weather.

7 thoughts on “Winter As A Distant Spectator”

  1. We are near WPB….this will be our 14th winter in Fla….the first one was an out of body experience….amazed at wearing shorts/sandals in December….now we can’t wait for things to cool down…still pay attention to northern weather…plenty of family to worry about…..but have truly gotten used to the not so subtle changes here in Paradise….revel in your new fund sunshine!!!

  2. Holiday Greetings from the cold Northeast……at 05:30 it’s a “temperate” 24 degrees outside my window on the shoreline. No doubt as the song goes, “it’s a three dog night”! Enjoy the warmth.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

      1. I do. Unfortunately not until after the 1st of the year. Most of my wife’s family is still in CT and we wait until the holidays are over before “flying” South for the winter.

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