Traffic And Doppler — Two Separate Subjects


You’ve probably heard about Southern California traffic. At times, it is everything you’ve been promised.

farrell-at-starbucksI drove to LA yesterday. Dinner with Farrell. He’s half the team that gave me my first real TV job. Though currently living in the California desert, he’s the consummate ex-pat.

2:30 going up. 1:05 coming home.

Helaine and I went out tonight. 1:05 going. :30 back to the house.

We drove the 405. It’s the San Diego Freeway. It doesn’t go to San Diego.


The main northbound side of the 405 is six lanes, plus an HOV lane. It’s wider still at interchanges.

To exit the highway from the HOV demands crossing six lanes of traffic! It is not for the squeamish.

When clear, traffic moves in the mid 70s. When jammed, cars crawl bumper-to-bumper mile-after-mile into the night.

There are many freeways. I’m clueless away from the few I know. How did people move like this pre-GPS and Internet? I drive now with impunity.

Helaine and I knew we’d be out a while. We left Doppler on her own.

This is a recent occurrence. We never let Ivy alone, nor had we with Doppler. In Connecticut we tried keeping Doppler in her crate. A remote video camera showed she was really upset. That had to stop.

doppler-in-the-kitchenNow we let her roam the house. She’s our free range chicken. Never destructive. Very good about ‘containing’ herself.

We were gone over five hours. No sweat. Mostly, she slept in the kitchen. She disappeared a few times, but the mic didn’t pick up barking. That’s good.

Doppler was very excited when we got home. We got a hero’s welcome.

We are very lucky. And the traffic sucks.

3 thoughts on “Traffic And Doppler — Two Separate Subjects”

  1. The San Diego Fwy hooks up with Santa Ana Fwy in Orange Co. From there you continue driving up to West LA, over the pass and into the San Fernando Valley. When you grew up on the freeways in So. CA, you don’t need a road map or GPS.

    That is a good idea, setting up a video to keep track of your dogs and their mischief. Last Sunday, they were showing a dog on America’s Funniest Videos. They showed a dog that got into a can of white paint and tracked it all over the house. Geoff, would you babies do anything like that?

  2. That was the one thing that made we want to go back to Connecticut when I spent 3 months in So. Cal in the 80’s. And the traffic is not so great here either….

    1. Maria, if you live close to or in a big city, all you find is traffic. Try driving 95 to or from NYC, especially when Metro North is having problems.

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