I Bought A Car

I bought a new car this afternoon. My fifteen year old ride will be retired.

What I bought is inconsequential, though I will admit it isn’t the sweet Tesla I drove a few weeks ago. I’m in SoCal. This seemed the wrong time to stop driving a convertible.

I attempted to buy the car the way I buy most everything: online research. I’d rather buy brick-and-mortar than online, but if two places have the same item, I buy on price.

I knew the model and options I wanted. That made it easier. The more done online the better.

Car shopping has given me the creeps. It’s impossible to know when you’re being taken advantage of. I always assume that’s the salesman’s goal.

I went to Edmunds.com and got a few quotes from dealers. Some weren’t anxious to deal online. They wanted me in-person to strike a deal. It’s 2013. I’m not giving up that leverage anymore.

Is it just me or is ‘competitive’ now a euphemism for, “You’ll find the best price elsewhere?”

Based on everything I can see, we got a good deal. In fact we paid less than expected. And, I eliminated the hassles.

We should pick the car up in a few days. I’m excited.

9 thoughts on “I Bought A Car”

  1. You should go shopping online before you enter a car dealership. That way you know the prices and it is deal with them. What kind of car were you considered buying?

  2. The whole dealer experience, even when trying to do it online, is why I will only buy pre-owned vehicles from private owners. It’s a better deal for the buyer and seller.

  3. From now on, the only place I will be buying cars, is Enterprise. They take good care of them, and you get them at “Blue Book” value. (No haggle.)

    I have owned 3 cars from them, so far, and have been very pleased with all of them. 🙂 My next car will be from them, as well.

  4. The car buying experience is one of my least favorite forms of fun as well….I’d rather have a root canal. Why are most of those car salesmen so “slimy and sleezy”?

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