On Most Days It’s Red Sky At Night


This time of year the setting Sun is easily seen from my second floor office window. I look out and make a judgement–what kind of sunset it will be? It’s photography think. Do I want to take my camera out for the daily sky show?

This afternoon the sky was already turning red a half hour before the Sun disappeared. Good sign.

We’re supposed to get showers later tonight and Thursday. I’m used to the sky being a lot more full of clouds this close to precipitation.

As soon as the Sun was out-of-sight, I did a 180 to take the shot below.


One thought on “On Most Days It’s Red Sky At Night”

  1. My cousin lives in Mission Viejo, the next town just south of you. The community you live in reminds me of where she resides. It is a pretty area. She just sold her home for 1/2 million dollars. Looks like you were standing in the middle of the street, when you took the picture.

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