Is Everyone At The Mall?

IMAG0362-w1400-h1400Stef and H spent most of Wednesday on a mission. Items to return. Items to replace. Get out of the way!

By early evening and still not home, Helaine called to ask if I’d like to join them for dinner. Next stop, Irvine Spectrum. It’s the outdoor mall with the Ferris wheel and carousel. It’s got its own Wikipedia entry.

IMAG0367-w1400-h1400I’ve been going to malls since malls were born. I’ve never seen parking as awful as this! Back and forth, up and down, a pack of cars, each jockeying for a good place to watch for exiting shoppers.

I found a space, but not without a minor conflict.

Dinner was at “The Melt,”

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, THE MELT is simply “Grilled Cheese Happiness.” Currently operating 15+ locations throughout California, this fast casual eatery combines chef inspired, all natural, wholesome food with innovative online ordering technology in an eco friendly environment.

IMAG0366-w1400-h1400The food was great, but the place itself was loud, overly bright and not very eating friendly.

The girls asked me to join them as they finished their quest. Not tonight. Not during mall season.

It was a long walk back to my car. The space I found was at the edge of the property. I wonder if it had resale value tonight?

2 thoughts on “Is Everyone At The Mall?”

  1. you know the founder of the Melt is Jonathan Kaplan who invented The Flip Camera that Cisco eventually purchased and shortly later scrapped.

    1. I do. I remember listening to him hype it on the radio before the first store opened. Loved the sandwich. Didn’t like the physical setup. The noisiness is built-in because of the use of glazed bricks on one wall and glass on the other.

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