It Will Be Cold. The World Will Not End.


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Drudge and Huffington have the same lead. This can’t be good. In breathless prose they build the tension. “Coldest Game in History?” asks Drudge. The cold air will “SMASH RECORDS,” yells HuffPo.

It’s 2014. We have advanced warning. We have central heat. The vast majority of us have appropriate clothes. And, we have shelter for those who need it.

The cold in the Eastern half of the country will be a pain. Few will find it fun. But, with a little preparation, even the folks at Lambeau Field will make it through none the worse.

Respect the cold. You’ll be fine.


9 thoughts on “It Will Be Cold. The World Will Not End.”

  1. While it becomes very easy for you to become a back seat driver in weather from California please don’t minimize the impact on the cold here for people and animals. The affects of this weather on those who are homeless or can’t afford heating fuel are a rather devasting issue in the Northeast right now. Consider yourself lucky that you are one of the lucky ones who were able to pull up stakes and be able to move and change your life. I consider myself lucky to have what I have. This weather is a cruel reminder though of the devasting of those who don’t have yours or my options. Please don’t minimize the affects of this weather and most people don’t give a damn about the football game.

    1. It’s winter. It’s New England. Just a few miles from here, they get this kind of cold all winter long. 1 night of “subzero” temperatures and 5″ of snow should not cause a major panic. The media does this. Geoff, not being main stream media in New England, had told it like it is…..We will survive! It’s not the end of the world!! My car didn’t want to start today. I called someone to give it a jump. Crisis over….

  2. Hey Geoff, I’m listening to the furnace humming constantly, but I totally agree with you. This latest “storm of the century” left us with MAYBE 6″ of very fluffy stuff and very cold temps, but this IS New England. Anything for TV ratings! As my plow guy said….the TV news/weather stations have become a bunch of drama queens!!

  3. I agree with Geoff. It may not be pleasant, but we will all be fine if we use our heads. I worked in Russia 2010-2012. This would be just an average week in January there, and everyone got along fine. Now I am in the DC area and every time it goes below 20F they act like it’s the end of the world! I just have to laugh.

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