A Painful Night With The Eagles

philadelphia_eaglesWe watched most of the Eagles game next door. Our neighbors and their three small children invited us over. Very nice people. Like the grownups. Like the kids.

We were home for the end.

After the game, Helaine, in the midst of preparing something complex, sent me out for two loaves of Italian bread.

Glad to go. Glad to help. The new car is still at the toy stage.

You know who’s at Ralph’s 10:00 PM, Saturday night? Losers and husbands. We were outnumbered by staff.

Tito saw I was lost and walked me to the bread. On the way he saw my Eagles shirt and asked about the game. Tito’s a Cowboys fan.

The Eagles lost tonight. It was a slow and painful. They bled to death right on the field. It was gruesome to watch.

I told Tito I’d rather not talk about it. I hope he understood.

My Eagles shirt will rest in the closet for the next six months. The season has ended.

6 thoughts on “A Painful Night With The Eagles”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    You need a California backup team. The San Francisco 49ers seem like a good choice. I’ll admit I’m a 49er fan. However I was born, raised and reside in Connecticut. Joe Montana was the very reason I became a fan as a child.

    On a side note, I wish I didn’t pass up the opportunity offered many years ago by Ray F. to tour WTNH studio. I recall mentioning that you seemed like a down to earth and nice person,. He didn’t disagree.

    You and I did meet briefly at the Durham Fair years later. You were stressed. I recall a young family member wandered off and seperated from you. Thankfully all turned out fine.


  2. Don & Geoff, would you either of you like to be seating in the Green Bay stadium this afternoon, watching the game?

    Don, I was also offered a tour of WTNH back in 1991 by Dr Mel. We went on a cruise with him.

  3. Hi Carole,

    I’m certainly not a fair weather fan of the 49ers, but Green Bay is just too darn cold! Pun intended.

    I met Dr. Mel at the tennis tournament in New Haven in 1997. It was after a long hot day session, he seemed understandably groggy.

  4. Ugh. I’m sure that will be me next Saturday night, after the Patriots complete their one-and-done. Sympathies. How many days til pitchers and catchers?

  5. Geoff – don’t put the shirt away. I wear my Giants Super Bowl shirts (I have several from the various wins) all the time. A true fan doesn’t put the team on the shelf when the season is over. As I always say, the Giants will be the champs – all the other teams will be disqualified and we win! 🙂

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